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Peer to Peer and Group Chat, Call, and Video Conference.

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Benefits of your own SIP domain

Enhance Your Communication with Privacy and Anonymity.

Secure and Reliable

Your registration is anonymous and therefore you are secure.

Unlimited users

You can create as many users as you need for all chat, call, and video communication.

Unlimited Extension

You can assign each user with an extension number so everyone can call each other.

Secure Media

Media is encrypted end-to-end and with Secure RTP protocol.


You can have your own personalized domain. Set personal presence status and view presence status of other users


Opentact can integrate with your existing Asterisk and Free switch platform.


Allow creation of conference rooms where any number of participants. Each conference room support text, audio and video communication.

Totally FREE. No License Restrictions

Opentact comes with no restrictions. No strings attached!


Instant text messages, fast delivery


Online meetings, video conferencing and web conferencing

Associate to Real World and see the real magic with Opentact!

You can send SMS anytime , receive calls from a Number or send calls to a phone number.


Call plans to suit the way you talk

Voice Call

Advanced call control

100% Anonymous

You don't need to expose any personal info including your phone number.

Fully Secured

All communication is protected with secure protocol.

Low Latency

Receive text and call within milliseconds.

We Build High Performing
SIP platform

Launch your own service based on a free and open platform for voice, text, and video. You can use it for building your own:

  • Social platform
  • Communication
  • Streaming

Easy And Best Communication
Backbone for Your Application

Your APP can easily integrate to Opentact and immediately be empowered with voice, video and texting capability.

Smart, Simple & Easy to Use

Opentact gives you a set of API to manage your own SIP domain. We can power the communication backbone for your application. Empowering your app for:

  • Video
  • Voice
  • Text

You need some help? We are here for you

Choose wisely with Opentact that can provide everything you need to text, call, connect with any one and any device.

Do you support WebRTC work ?

Yes, we support both RTP and WebRTC.

Is there channel limit?

No, we provide unlimited channels.

How do you sustain if it is all FREE?

We expect a percentage of our users will be using our paid services including VoIP gateway to outbound phone calls and outbound SMS.

Can I connect any user to a phone number?

Yes, you can.

Can I use my own SIP device?

Yes, you can.

Get your Opentact APP for Voice, Video and Text!

Own your own SIP domain on the cloud. Let Opentact be the backbone of your communication.


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