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Instant Elastic SIP Trunk for Immediate & Worldwide Scale

Enjoy instant VoIP trunking to the globe with our carrier-grade network of telecommunication network.
Powerful Telecom Solutions
Voice Solutions for All Your Communication Needs
Our Enterprise Grade suite of products allows our partners to customize the perfect system for their customers.

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  • Enterprise Functionality
  • Add enhanced functionality without replacing your existing phone system.
  • We can offer instant provisioning of trunks, DIDs and toll-free numbers.
  • Simplified moves, adds, and changes via our experienced personnel.
  • Ability to re-route calls to any telephone number or cell phone in the event of an emergency – automatically or upon request.


Crystal clear VoIP calls quality and reliability 8 PoPs worldwide! Low PDD, no voice delay


24/7 professional VoIP-oriented support team ensures seamless integration

Trunk management

Second-based call billing increments, we DON'T round-up!

Fast Growing Businesses

Grow your business across the country and around the world without the need for expensive brick and mortar, and with ease. No more paying the phone company for antiquated service that is tied to a specific location.

Fraud Security

Our order fraud protection platform allows you to approve more orders and minimize false declines without negatively affecting conversions.

Automatic Call Recorder

Ensure healthy conversation through enabling automatic recording per number or connection equipped with arranged formats and free cloud storage.

Develop your reach

Enjoy easy-to-use developer tools to extend calls into the cloud, which adds SIP connectivity to your voice applications.

Detailed Debugging

Thorough debugging and SIP ladder diagnostics to troubleshoot calls with full visibility.

Custom Routing

Have the freedom to choose routing scheme per number for ultimate quality, practical, or specialized traffic types.

Global Numbers

Use prefix, location or features as you search for numbers in more than a hundred international countries and 13,000+ US rate centers.

The most-loved SIP Trunking features on our powerful platform. See Opentact’s magic!

Ready to upgrade your existing VoIP network?

Opentact customers can easily save as much as 50% by switching to Opentact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIP Trunking ?

SIP Trunking system is a medium where one operates phone system over the internet rather than using traditional phone lines. Be familiarized more about how SIP trunking can be of great help to your business communications by reaching out our Resource Center.

SIP Trunking system has wide arrays of benefits over traditional business telephony systems. Inclusive of these are the following: scalability, cost savings and configurability. Check out the other aspects of SIP trunking on our Resource Center.

SIP trunking system is way cheaper than the conventional business phone systems. We offer pay-as you-go pricing with expected discounts as you scale. For further details about the deliberate breakdown of our pricing, you may talk to an expert to get a custom quote.

You may start to venture on this worth-the-money experience by signing up for an account. Then, you may follow our Bring your Own Carrier guides to fit in with your PBX or softphone client.

You only need one SIP trunk in order for your business to run all your communications. Once it is set up, you are now in control of scaling up or down the concurrent call capacity by including or eliminating usage channels. For unlimited concurrent inbound call capacity, you can even opt to have a pay-per-minute billing.

You can be in control of configuring, monitoring and managing your SIP trunks through the OpentactPortal. You can also leverage the Opentact API to configure your communications systematically for large-scale or automated configuration.