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Connect with your new and potential customers through your web browser. From a few hundred messages to millions of messages, all can be send through our reliable SMS API

Expand your business with one of the most effective ways of marketing. Connect to your clients or make new ones with our affordable SMS marketing service.

Take your global SMS messaging to the next level with a platform built for scale, speed, and deliverability.

  • Smart Routing
  • Delivery Monitoring Tools
  • Expand existing communications with All chatbots, powering the most repetitive tasks to lessen operational strain.
  • Build a strong relationship with customers through engaging a text conversation in solving problems faster and offering the sturdy support in a way suitable to them.

World of experienced developers only for you

Telecom issues ? No problem. We will take for you

You can choose long code, short code or toll-free number for your needs Opentact provides a wide specter of modern solutions

Discover fast messaging like no other by integrating it to your application. It is equipped with complete API reference docs and SDKs in your chosen language

We provide enhanced deliverability and more granular reporting through our carrier-grade features which yield a detailed, real time insight to message transport.

Highlighted Products

SMS Enablement

Opentact can enable texting to any landline and VoiP numbers without changing the existing Voice provider.

  • Step 01.

Short Code, Long Code & Toll Free Numbers

Opentact supports and provide short code, long code, and toll free numbers for you to send SMS.

  • Step 02.


Opentact’s MMS API lets you send and receive images , gifs or videos over any US long code, short code, or toll free numbers.

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Numbers on high demand

Global Inventory

Instant Accessibility to Global Numbers.

Toll-free SMS

Send SMS with professional business images.

Short code SMS

High Volume, high throughput texting.


Send and receive MMS and SMS on the same number.

Intelligent content automation

Our qualified team has years of experience in the Telecommunication Industry, particularly in international calls, carrier services, roaming services, SMS hubbing, A2P messaging, SMS transit and Cloud PBX, as well as the VoIP and SMS technologies.

Support for any character set

Every language and emoji. We specialize in International SMS.

Automatic Long message merging

We automatically merge your long messages and deliver to you as one piece.

Rich-Media support

We can send and receive images, gifs or videos.

Opt-out management

Opentact typically and automatically handles standard opt-out responses.

Message queuing

Automatic queuing to send texts at a biddable rate.

Better deliverability

Number Pool

Automatically assign different numbers from pool to send messages according to selected logic.

Area-code Geomatch

Send texts from the identical area code as the recipient.

Sticky Sender

Send every message to a consumer from the same number.

Number Lookup

Allow sending of different messages for landline vs mobile numbers.

Delivery reports

Real-time delivery report letting you know if each message is delivered or not.

SMS Notifications

SMS notification systems help organizations disseminate information easier

Text reminders

Opentact is the easiest way to get started with automatic text message reminder notifications for your clients.

Two-factor Authentication

Building a culture of confidentiality using a secure SMS codes to validate user account credentials and keep your data safe while savouring a custom experience. Two-factor authentication adds another access barrier for unauthorized visitors who have gotten hold of your primary login credentials.

SMS Marketing

Systematize customer retention and prospect marketing efforts with dynamic campaigns based on custom audience expansion. Send SMS Marketing to your Clients at any time , anywhere.

P2P Messaging

Integrate your Messaging APP to our P2P messaging.

Best services

Personalised and Smart Messaging Solutions

Why to choose Opentact ?

Reach anyone across a different setting

You get a message to anyone, anywhere by choosing from local and toll-free numbers, short code, alphanumeric sender ID, or you can even use your existing voice numbers.

Support you can rely upon

We give you a non-stop service 24/7 through our highly dependable NOC support that is available by phone and email for every single customer, with no spend requirements. Our customers will not be kept waiting until Monday to satisfy their inquiries.

Direct pricing

Opentact is a licensed carrier in multiple countries, and therefore, Opentact is able to

What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is a technological tool in the form of a software interface that permits developers to make code that can send and receive SMS messages through an Application Programming Interface (API)

How Do I get started with the Opentact SMS API?

You may begin by signing up for a Portal account, then follow the procedure in our quickstart guide in buying SMS enabled number. You create a messaging profile and this allows you to start sending text messages.

How does an SMS API work?

An SMS API functions by permitting developers to connect our external SMS interface into your current infrastructure, to allow a flawless passing of commands and responses from your application to the interface and back for sending and receiving of SMS anywhere in the world.

How much does SMS cost using the Opentact API?

Opentact offers an affordable prices for feature-rich SMS, starting at just $0.0020 to send an SMS on a local number, which they are free to receive. You can find thorough pricing information here. Opentact also offers even greater discounts as you scale, or when you are ready to avail to monthly usage. You may refer to our sales team about your definite needs

Is there support for sending bulk SMS?

Opentact is highly capable to scale with you and sturdy supports large scale and broadcast messaging provided that your messages are in consonance with Opentact Acceptable Use Policy.

Can I send images or videos via the Opentact SMS API?

Yes, Opentact is in full support of rich media texting (MMS), so you can deliver images, gifs or videos as the need arises

Can I send texts via short code on the Opentact SMS API?

Yes, shortcodes are highly suitable for sending and receiving voluminous texts. You can find further details Opentact shortcode SMS here.

What use-cases does the Opentact SMS API support?

We give you terms such as two-factor authentication, SMS marketing, political campaigns, customer support and many more where you can integrate messaging into a range of various applications Opentact voice API